Friday, 24 February 2012

there's something about tolix chairs

Remember this post where I talked about the tolix chairs in the last picture? Well, at the time I didn't know it was called a Tolix chair was, and as I continue to collect photos, I seem them used in rooms a lot.

Here's a page talking about the history of the Tolix.

What's beautiful about Tolix chairs is that they can fit right in in any room and give it that extra edge a soft and feminine room needs.

Here are some photos of beautiful rooms featuring the Tolix chairs.

Via The Vintage Rose
 Tolix chairs and wickers baskets and open shelving. Don't they make a lovely combination?

Image source
I love the elegance of the room in the image above. With the Tolix chairs, it gives the room a rustic and grounded edge.

Image source
A white room and white Tolix chairs. The worn paint on the chairs bring in the beauty of imperfection in this Swedish room.

Image source
I love the details of the chair that this photo shows. The numbers painted on the back makes you wonder where these chairs came from and what is their history.

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