Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My favourites from Phoebe Howard

I've been a long-time fan of Phoebe Howard - I admire her work as she brings an elegant touch to all of the rooms she decorates.

Her signature style is her use of neutral, soft colours and her rooms are almost perfectly balanced. I believe she is a perfectionist in her work.

Here are some of my favourite rooms decorated by Phoebe Howard.

Her use of blues and greys in her rooms are gorgeous.
Mrs Howard Personal Shopper

She usually hangs mirrors vertically, flanked by photo frames and a sunburst/round mirror centred above...

The below photo is simply beautiful...

Her bedrooms are usually my favourites...

I love how she often uses a chest of drawers on the left of the bed and a desk on the right side of the bed in the photo above.

Pale blues and dark brown wood make a perfect palette. I absolutely love that window seat.

She uses a lot of fabrics for her beds...

A wonderful pink bedroom...

This room is blue and pink. I love the soft pink roman blinds.

The room below is beautiful. I love how she uses silk sheers for roman blinds and thick curtain panels. An elegant bench at the end of the bed is gorgeous.
I can't help but notice how terrified that cat looks!

Greens make this guest room calm and serene. I wouldn't mind staying the night here!

A more modern bedroom - clean and perfectly made bed.

I could spend all day staring at Phoebe Howard decorated rooms!

Photos taken from Phoebe Howard. Click here if you haven't had enough yet!


  1. Do you have any idea where can I find similar bed like the one in the 2nd last picture?

  2. unfortunately, no... but I'll update you if I ever find one that is similar! :-)

  3. I like the blue color of the wall in 2nd pic. Can you tell me what type of blue is it? I think u also applied this color in your sister's room.

    1. Hi anonymous, the blue I used for my sister's room is Nippon paint called Shy Sky. We went through paint chips and found the lightest blue among all the blues. Hope that helps.


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