Friday, 16 March 2012

white china

When it comes to choosing crockery, you can't go wrong with white china. 

Image from here

I mean, you don't have to worry if one breaks - you can always find another one to replace it without buying a whole set. 

You don't have to worry about matching it with your other dinner sets. White crockery in different shapes and textures would look good together even if they do not come from the same shop or brand. 

White dinnerware looks great on any table setting with any theme colour. 

I am totally going to get white china for my kitchen. If only I had more of it as our wedding gifts two years ago. :-)

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

beautiful entry

I love this entryway.

Atlanta Homes Mag
The details of the floor, the blue weathered drawers flanking the wooden french doors, the black frames of the pictures on the wall, the texture of the plant in the wicker basket... and I love the pendant lights.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

a look into seaside decor

I’ve never really been a fan of beach / seaside décor, but after collating photos on Pinterest, I find myself drawn to the qualities of how beach homes are decorated – casual, laid-back and elegant. Nautical has never been my thing, nor knick-knacks made of seashells and corrals, so I think this style, sans these two elements would be more appealing to me.

This is pretty though. Source

One thing in particular that I am drawn to is the palette of greens, blue, sandy whites and driftwood greys. 
I have always loved rooms that look casual and effortlessly pretty with nothing too precious to touch. 

Via Decor de Provence
You don't need to worry about the kids ruining your furniture. 

Slipcovers are also useful - just whip them off to the laundry whenever they get dirty. 

Eclectic Revisited
I love the use of linens, seagrass rugs, the wooden driftwood table and coral as decoration. The palette of natural neutral hues is beautiful. 

Velvet & Linen
Of course, I couldn't resist putting up this picture again. The perfect palette with a casual, beachy feel to it! 

Eclectic Revisited
This breakfast nook is gorgeous too. The painting of the ocean is reflecting the view from the window across, I would guess. 

Eclectic Revisited
The adjacent kitchen with the ocean blue backsplash tiles is gorgeous. I love the stone floors too. 

via Kitchen Design Photos
This kitchen is beautiful too.

Lets see what a beach-themed bathroom would look like.
via By the Sea
via Delight by Design

And finally, a beach-themed bedroom to retreat to. 

via SW Design

Do you like the beach look? I love the elements of casual and elegance that it brings!

Monday, 12 March 2012

our 2nd anniverary!

Two years ago, today was one of the happiest days of my life.

Us, exactly 2 years ago. Jangguttouch
Happy anniversary to us! Love you, dear husband! 

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