Thursday, 15 December 2011

We're done!

For those who have been following my blog, you would know that I had appointed myself as my sister's room decorator.

After many weeks of struggling to find spare weekends, the room is finally finished! To see the before pictures, click here.

Let me begin by saying that I had a great time decorating this room and my sister is a great "client" with great taste. The completed project is more of a collaboration of ideas and shopping trips between me and her.

Let's scroll down to the photos!

This is the actual view of the room when you enter from the door.

A lot of the items in the room are either bought from Ikea or revamped old furniture. The white bookshelf you see in the photo above was previously grey with black trim. I asked my sister to paint it white using the extra paint that was used to paint the door.

The blue is a Nippon paint called 'Shy Sky'. I'm glad it turned out the shade we wanted it to - a cool, blue-grey.

This is what you see when you enter the room.

The challenge we faced was finding a place for the huge desk with the computer and it's hideous wires. My sister spends a lot of her time on the computer (yes, you do, sis. Don't deny it), so the option of having it any where else but her bedroom was a no-no.

After making multiple rearrangements of the bed, desk and the bookshelf, we decided that this was the best layout.

The wicker in the room - the chair at the desk and the baskets on the bookshelf - help to add texture to the room which mainly consists of clean lines.

The blank space of wall above the bookshelf would look great if we had a mirror to hang. But that will need to wait for now as we have already exceeded the initial budget.

Finally, a new lamp! The butterflies in the pretty frame are actually confetti from the Coldplay concert my sister went to in Singapore.

The wardrobe - I wanted a simple neutral colour so that it would not overwhelm the room.

If you notice, the ceilings have been lowered. They are no longer slanted. The previous high ceilings resulted in poor air circulation - lowering them down helps to cool the room better. The main reason the makeover took so long was because we needed to replaster the ceilings for the whole second floor of my mother's house. Now the second floor is cool and comfortable!
Some small details on the desk.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos of the completed room! As for me, I'm happy that my sister is happy.

Now I'm looking for my next makeover project, and I've got my sight set on this room:

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well done Amnah! Love the room!

  2. WOW! Amazing! I didn't believe it at first! I kept on comparing these pics of the new bedroom post and the previous post of the old bedroom. Still can't believe how different it is now! It's a beautiful room! I like everything about it. How bright it is now since the bed is moved to a different position! I'm amazed. You're such an amazing decorator :D

  3. Hey, it's me, your first ever client. Hehe.

    Thanks for decorating the room, KakAmnah! It's gorgeous. It's even better than all the photos of my dream bedrooms we collected from all over the internet. If I was a stranger, I'd think you stole all those photos up there from Better Homes & Gardens or Houzz or something... But the photos don't do the bedroom justice. It looks even better in real life!

    I can't even describe how I feel when I compare this new bedroom to the old one! Gila babas amazed!

    Working in this room feels much less like a chore now, and I'm more inspired to be more creative once again. Seriously, ugly surroundings really bog you down.

    Ooh, now I can finally have slumber parties! I don't care if I'm 10 years too late to hold one of those! Hahah!

    Thanks! Love you!

  4. ps: Spending those (was it 3?) months sleeping on couches and other people's beds was so worth it! ;)

  5. Good job, Amnah. I totally like the curtain and wall colour. Now, the hard part - to maintain it. Hahaha thats your job Aisya.

    Amnah, how much is your service? Jalan Ipoh you cover tak?

  6. I just can't stop staring at the photos! Beautiful!! Good job, KakAmnah!

    I can totally already imagine how your blog's statistics for visits and visitor length are now off the chart as silent readers go "ooh" and "ah" over the photos!

    (Btw Nazriq thought that last photo was of my bedroom. Can you believe???)

  7. so far my service is free (just pay for transportation and meals). haha.

    thanks, anisah! for the record, that last room is not yours. shhh, it's a secret.

  8. Beautiful, very serene.

    Ok, now I feel like packing myself off to KL and crash in this bedroom.

    What a difference.

    Well done, sis!

    Kakak from Sungai Petani

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  10. Hey Amnah, I am now officially your fan and addicted to your blog! Such a gorgeous make over :)

    1. Yay! Thanks so much, Voon! Nice seeing you here :-)

  11. lovin the makeover! simply gorgeous.. how much did you actually spend tho.. for the whole revamp? btw.. found ur link from my blog

    1. hi Fira! I love your blog! Thanks for your comment! The whole room cost around RM6k - which includes new wardrobe, new bed, painting, furnishings and some new furniture! We didn't really keep track as the whole makeover from start to finish took place over a few months so we bought things over the span of time to manage the budget.


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