Friday, 2 March 2012

awesome study

Have you ever dreamed of having an awesome study room that's not too neat, decorated with cool industrial stuff, casually simple and beautiful, a little messy, but organised at the same time?

That's what my study room would look like... some day.

This room is a piece of artwork.

Have an awesome Friday!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

window seats

I've always loved window seats. To me, they denote comfort, coziness and a perfect retreat for a busy day.

I would love to have a window seat in my house someday. A window seat next to a bookshelf would be just perfect. Like this one.

Traditional Home
What makes the perfect window seat?

An awesome view.


Upholstered seating.


And plenty of pillows to cuddle up to!

Image from here

Elle Decor
How would you dress up your window seat?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

dreamy white bathrooms

This post is going to be about something that I know I can never have - white bathrooms.

So let's just enjoy these photos and pretend that we could own these beauties one day....

I love the details from those white beadboards, the stack of folded clean white towels, white framed medicine cabinet - all grounded by the texture of those floors. I also like the fact that the sinks are of a generous size - I love big sinks, they're so practical.

Image via The Enchanted Home
Now isn't the bathroom above just dreamy? The clawfoot tub, the chandelier (they must have chandeliers in every room as the bathroom would be my last choice of putting up an expensive chandelier), the folded white towels on the chair next to the tub, the bleached wood floors and the upholstered chair for those days where you need some peace and quiet in the bathroom.

I really do like the idea of decorating a bathroom as you would any other room. May not be something practical for me - but I still like that idea. 

Image from Flickr
I'm also in love with this bathroom. I love the clean lines of the sink cabinet, the white marble tops and that lovely lantern for the extra touch of luxury. Beautiful!

Image via Purple Area
I love those cabinets - isn't it rare to see built in cabinets in the bathroom? It's still gorgeous. I love those white boxes and their handles. I could imagine it filled with lovely white towels.

Inspired Home and Design
A luxurious shower made of white marble tiles. That's probably the size of my current bathroom (which would include shower, sink and toilet). I love how the purple flowers bring that pop of colour in this room.

Image via Splendid Sass
Somebody please take me here. Like, right now. I love that seat beside the window. I love the sheer curtains. And they have TWO chandeliers. How luxurious. The floor tiles are also gorgeous.

Image via Beach Cottage Love
I love those baskets lined with white fabric. And pretty blue and white towels rolled up and stacked neatly.

Image via Simplified Bee
White marble countertops and subway tiles. The framed picture, mirror and tray bring in extra details in this simple and clean bathroom.

The bathtub takes centre stage in this bathroom. The bathroom is kept simple to accentuate the architectural details of the ceiling and windows. Lovely.

A cozy corner of the bathroom with a comfy seat by the window. For those mornings you wake up early to enjoy the morning sunlight.

Do you also dream of a white bathroom? Hope you enjoyed my dreamy choice of dreamy white bathrooms!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

breakfast nook dreams

I think I’m giving my husband a headache with all my crazy (and expensive) ideas for our house renovation. Okay, I won’t call them crazy, but maybe a little bit…. ambitious?

You can’t stop a girl from dreaming about her dream house, huh? I’m sure a lot of you reading this have been dreaming of the perfect house since you were just little girls (or boys if you’re a guy). Well, at least I have.

My latest "ambition"? Having a breakfast nook.

We have a room next to the kitchen of our new house which I believe would be unused (stashing ugly stuff does not classify it as 'used'). And since the kitchen is rather dark, I’ve been contemplating on taking down the wall and making it into a little breakfast nook with lots of light.

I can just imagine myself in any of these breakfast rooms, having my morning breakfast of cornflakes and cold milk. And a cup of hot Milo (a chocolate drink here in this part of the planet). 

The photo below is simply beautiful. I love the neutral colour palette of whites, beige and white washed wood. Seaside decor at its best.
Casual and elegant. Image from here
From Apartment Therapy
I love the denim blue material used for the seats and the mix of patterns on the throw pillows. Lovely!

House Beautiful
The use of neutrals in this breakfast nook is gorgeous. 

Aesthetically Thinking
A striped black and white banquette and lovely mix of frames and pictures. They used two square tables here and mismatched chairs. Casual elegance again!

Southern Living
This breakfast nook is clean and uncluttered. Simply beautiful. 

Triangle Honeymoon
Get those wicker chairs at Ikea!! This corner is oh so pretty. 

A House and Home
Sunlight being filtered by those lovely roman blinds. How lovely. 

Elle Decor
I love this nook with all its use of textures. 

Can your house afford a breakfast nook? I'll let you know if my dream of having a breakfast nook comes to life. If not, I'll probably opt for a french door with milk glass panes so that the sunlight can enter in to the kitchen from that room. 

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, 27 February 2012

I don't usually talk about food here...

Okay, I don't usually talk about food here on this blog, but just so you know, I love food. People who know me would know this.

I'm trying to eat healthily, but I'm not on any strict diet. I do my best to eat fruits 3 times a day (there are days when I eat less than that, but please, cut me some slack). I find that eating fruits 3 times a day actually does motivate you to eat an overall healthier diet.

Of course, I would not resist myself from having indulgences now and then - especially living in Malaysia where there is delicious food abound!

I found this delicious-looking and healthy dessert on Pinterest. It's such a simple recipe, I'll definitely try it out.

Pennies on a Platter
Click here for the recipe.

Have a great Monday!
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