Thursday, 18 April 2013

TV console

We moved into our new house about a month and a half ago, bringing a lot of our old furniture from our previous home to be used for the meantime. These furniture were mostly cheaper 'placeholders' before I find something more pretty and value for money to replace it with. 

I currently have a TV console that we bought for our previous apartment from Houz Depot, and it cost us about RM200. It was relatively cheap, although not pretty (cherry-coloured, fibre board), it has been serving us for the past 2 years quite well. 

Now that we have moved in the new house, my quest for new furniture begins! Okay, I've still got to wait until the baby comes out plus another 40 days of confinement. Sigh.

I'm thinking of getting the Ikea Besta cabinet, it looks great here. 

Source here.
I like the 2 little baskets in the small shelf. So last night I looked it up under the Ikea online catalogue and found it. Here it is! 

It costs RM944. And that's not including castors and other stuff required. Not sure if the hubby would be willing to fork up the money. But as usual, we always prefer to see it first before actually purchasing to see whether it would be worth the money. Of course it looks gorgeous in the first photo, right? 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. tak sabar nak tunggu amnah share gambar rumah amnah sendiri... :)

  2. Salam Amnah. I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling IKEA kitchens. Wow, you have an amazing taste and your sister's room makeover is so pretty! Please post photos of your own home, it must be beautiful!

    Glad I have found a fellow decorating enthusiast :) Keep on writing and sharing!

    Mommy Confessionals Blog

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