Friday, 4 May 2012

Granite or marble countertops?

Help! I can't decide whether to go for granite countertops or marble countertops for my kitchen!

I wrote a post about this a while ago, and now, when it comes to making the final decision with my contractor, I can't make up my mind!

My dream kitchens have always featured white marble countertops with a simple square edge.

 I love that the white marble backsplash matches the countertop. It's so simple and beautiful. The white trim above the backsplash is such an elegant detail.

Loi Thai's kitchen
I am absolutely in love with this kitchen of Loi Thai, my new blogger and Pinterest friend! Notice that the backsplash is also similar to the photo above - the same marble of the countertops.

Another view of the beautiful kitchen.

Brooke Giannetti's kitchen
This kitchen which belongs to another one of my favourite bloggers, Brooke Giannetti, also has white marble for the countertops that I fell in love with. The marble is less thicker than usual countertops which I find elegant.

House Beautiful
The kitchen in the photo above is more modern, but the white marble complements it beautifully.  I adore this kitchen and its sleek and simple lines. 

But, I also love the look of black granite countertops like these, and the cost is lower than marble.

i Gigi

Belgian Pearls
Notice that there's no backsplash in this kitchen, too? Just a trim of the black granite. Simple and elegant.

Katrin Cargill
The island has beautiful granite countertop. I love the pairing of the polished countertop with the aged wood from the console table beside the window. It's a perfect complement perfect and patina.

House Beautiful
Another kitchen with beautiful black countertops.

Timeless Living
This modern and simple kitchen is similar to the other modern kitchen I posted above, but this time with black countertops. Which one do you like better? I can't decide.

Or maybe a mix of both materials in one kitchen like this?

Cote de Texas
In terms of practicality, marble dulls and is more prone to stains. Black granite will not show stains and is stronger than marble against dents and scratches.

But at the same time, I adore the intricate grain of marble and I actually don't mind scratches and stains (okay, maybe a little bit). But I've learned to appreciate the beauty of patina.

If cost was not an issue, I would have chosen marble in the blink of an eye. So now I am weighing down the pros and cons of both of these stones.

What would your personal choice be? I really can't decide now. Help!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fantasy view of France

I've never been the daring type to go all-out with colours when it comes to decorating. It's not easy to make everything look good together.

This photo caught my eye.

My Home Idea
I love the different colours used in this room and somehow the antique painting of a fantasy view of France just brings the whole room together. It calms the room where there are a lot of patterns and colours in the throw pillows and the stools and curtains.

How do you inject colours in your room? Any tips and tricks on getting a colourful palette without going overboard?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

black accents

Today is 1st May and it's Labour Day here in Malaysia! For all Malaysians, I hope you're having a good holiday!

Just the other day, my rather opinionated sister mentioned that my blog features a lot of white and wicker and needed some variety. Of course I was indignant and said, "well, yeah, it's my blog, I'll post things that I like." Which happens to be a lot of white... and some wicker, too.

White walls and wicker chairs? Erm, I couldn't resist! Image from Country Home

So, if you're getting bored of white, I thought that this time I would write about the opposite of white... which is black of course. I've always liked rooms that are neutral in colour scheme, but I feel that a hint of black, as an accent, tends to ground the room and give it that little bit of edge.

Here are some examples.

Katrin Cargill
I love the black backsplash, the granite top, the lanterns and the black stools in this country kitchen.

My Home Ideas
Hints of black on the coffee table, black piano, iron railing and curtain rod. I love this room.

Katrin Cargill
The console table against the wall is black - adding some edge to this otherwise neutral room.

I love this white kitchen and the black pendant lamps to ground the room together.

All Things Stylish
I love the composition of black and white photos in black and white frames. Modern and stylish.

Eclectic Revisited
The beautiful black chandelier is a gorgeous accent in this neutral and edgy room.

Source unknown
I love this study room and the hints of black - the chair, the doors, the photos and their frames.

Elle Decor
Black and white stripes on the banquette - the other chairs and furniture are more traditional to complement the modern stripes of the banquette.

Elle Decor
I adore Meg Ryan's house featured in Elle Decor. White with dark floors and black accents. Her bedroom is gorgeous, too.

Elle Decor
And the black cabinets in her kitchen.

Elle Decor
 So what do you think of black as accents? Is it too strong, or would you consider using it in your home?
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