Friday, 13 January 2012

More Industrial Inspiration: Guest Edition

After my previous post talking about industrial inspiration for my next room makeover project, I've been inspired to explore further on how this look can be achieved in any room of the house. Today, we are in for a treat as we have a guest post by Joanna from Design Shuffle to help us with more ideas on how to integrate industrial elements in our homes. Take it away, Joanna!

Hello, I’m Joanna, a blogger for Design Shuffle, a premier source for interior design information and designers portfolios. I am fortunate in that I spend my days finding the most beautiful images of interiors the web has to offer. I put them together and then share them with blog readers such as you.

Thanks to Weekend Escapades for letting me share with you today!

With the popularity of city loft living, industrial spaces have become more and more desirable. With expansive square footage, these “homes” can be intimidating when it comes time to decorate, but many designers have risen to the challenge beautifully as you’ll see in the spaces below. We’re sure you’ll come away with lots of interior design ideas.

If a dream loft isn’t in the cards for your near future, you can easily bring industrial elements into your home. Furnishings such as a wood and metal table on wheels or a distressed table with aluminum chairs will give your room an industrial feel.

 Industrial Inspiration 
Not quite sure of the origins of this space, but we love it. The worn leather seating and rustic cabinets and tables look perfect in the industrial style room.

 Industrial Inspiration 
Modern glass touches and furnishings make this warehouse space updated and fresh. Brick against a fresh coat of white paint really makes the wall and shape of the windows stand out.

  Industrial Inspiration 
Here is where that industrial style table we were talking about above comes in. Take a traditional and feminine room and give it a sassy edge with industrial accents.

  Industrial Inspiration 
An old factory sets the stage for a glamorous bedroom design with lots of personality. Can’t you just imagine jumping into that comfy bed for a mid-day nap?

  Industrial Inspiration 
Over 6,000 square space of industrial strength living space didn't keep the designer and owners from creating a warm and livable home.

  Industrial Inspiration 
Need dining room design ideas? Sleek modern furnishings and ornate chandelier play nicely with weathered brick and worn concrete floors.

  Industrial Inspiration 
This is another way to add industrial touches to a room in your home. Old post office cubbies, aluminum chairs and vintage commercial lighting go a long way in creating a chic decor. Does this space inspire interior design ideas of your own?

  Industrial Inspiration 
Another luxurious bedroom is brought to life in rather harsh surroundings. Concrete walls and heavy steel beams add to the character of the space.

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Industrial design can take on any kind of twist! Be sure to check out Design Shuffle where you'll find out about interior design styles and connect with Boston interior designers and more!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dreamy kitchens

Happy New Year!

Today's post is going to be about kitchens. It's the most important room in the house, and almost all homeowners have their idea of the dream kitchen.

My dream kitchen? A white kitchen. Like this one.

Or this one.
Swoon. I love airy kitchens with a lot of sunlight.

Having a white kitchen may not be the brightest idea when you have a kid running/crawling around the house, so I've been scouring the internet for photos of beautiful kitchens in different colours. I gravitate towards neutral and muted tones.

There seem to be hundreds of photos of beautiful kitchens, but I find it difficult to find ones that I really love. And each kitchen is unique to its owner, so collecting these photos and trying to figure out what I love about each one may help me to figure out what my future kitchen would look like.

Let's check out these lovely kitchens in neutral colours.
I love the marble floor, the simple cabinets, the simple lines.

Beta Plus
I love this kitchen in the photo above. I feel at peace just looking at it. I love the stone backsplash at the stove, the industrial stools, the stone countertop and the simple clean lines of the kitchen cabinets. Minimal beautiful, that's what it is.
This kitchen is simply gorgeous. Simple green-grey cabinets, lovely lamps on the countertop, chicken-wire mesh on the upper cabinets to reveal white dishware. Beautiful!
I love this kitchen too. So cool and calming.

Beta Plus via
Another Beta Plus kitchen above.  Gorgeous grey-coloured cabinets, the stone floor, the weathered wood - everything about it is gorgeous!
Beautiful kitchen above. So simple and pretty.

Source unknown
The backsplash of this kitchen caught my eye. Lovely colour.

Even stole some photos of celebrity kitchens. Meg Ryan has great taste (below). I adore her industrial kitchen. The lights are beautiful. The chunky wood island completes this kitchen.
Courteney Cox also has great taste when it comes to interior style and decoration. I really like the glossy white cabinets and the industrial chairs.
I am still collecting more images on Pinterest, but I think I am getting the idea of what I like - simple, clean lines, texture, minimal/contemporary with a few details.

Simple, clean lines for the cabinets. Another example below.

Beta Plus via

Add in some texture with wicker -these baskets are beautiful.
And potted plants to add pops of green colour.
Industrial lights like these would be the details I would love to have.
And perhaps white subway tiles for the backsplash?
But I'll probably change my mind again tomorrow!

Of course, possibilities are endless if you have an unlimited budget! Perhaps my future post should talk about kitchen decoration on a budget. Hmmm....

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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