Wednesday, 23 May 2012

floor cushions...

I got this message from a dear friend of mine...

"Amnah, what should I do when my idea of living room decor is not materialised because my husband's idea of decor is a sleeping mat and pillows on the sofa 24 seven? I can't seem to decorate it because it just looks like a big messy bedroom... should I move the TV elsewhere so that the living room does not look like a bedroom?"

My suggestion would be to either move the TV to a bedroom...

Master Bedroom modern bedroom

Or if you don't like the idea of having a noisy TV in your bedroom, how about getting comfortable and pretty floor cushions for that extra comfort the husband is craving for while he watches his favourite shows?

These would be my picks for flat floor cushions...

Pottery Barn


And oversized pillows look great too like the striped one in the photo above!

Here are some images of pretty rooms that look comfortable without the sleeping mats and extra pillows from the bedroom...

Home Design
Floor poufs and cushions make hanging out on the floor as comfy as sitting on the sofa in the outdoor room above.

via American Gypsy Living
On a good day, oversized floral pillows sit atop flat floor cushions neatly.

via Home Interior Design
These two floor cushions sit beneath the coffee table and can pulled out for extra seating when there are guests.

via American Gypsy Living
Textured floor pillows look great in this eclectic room.

source unknown
Floor pillows makes a room look more casual, inviting and less formal.

source unknown
source unknown
I really do like the idea of having floor pillows! It would be great for those lazy days enjoying my favourite shows on TV!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, 21 May 2012

my recent pins on pinterest...

When I'm feeling a little bit stressed, I like to indulge in some eye candy and the best place to go for that lately is Pinterest. Most of the time I'm repinning what other pinners are pinning so I can find inspiration on what I can write on this blog.

Just thought I'd share with you my 10 most recent pins on Pinterest and call this a post. Can I get away with that? :-)

via Cote de Texas - one of my favourite design blogs
I love those lovely blue lamps, all the textures used on the bedding and overstuffed pillows. Come on, don't tell me you haven't fallen in love yet?

msn real estate
I would love to have an outdoor room one day. And it would probably look like this. Loving blues, greens, browns and beiges. And those white fans. Where can I get those kind of fans here, huh? I want them for all my rooms.

via My French Country Home
My dream is to one day live on a farm and have a beautiful, big country kitchen. It wouldn't be so bad if it was in France, either I guess. I envy the owner of this kitchen.

via Boxwood Terrace
I love the clean look of this room. It has a modern feel to it, but the addition of that rustic coffee table keeps it grounded. Simply gorgeous.

Veranda - Interior Design by Richard Hallberg. Photograph by Miguel Flores-Vianna.
I love this kitchen. It's so clean and simple and modern without being cold. I love the use of textures on the wall of the stove and the ceiling. The ceiling is also curved, I love those arches.  I think I've overused the word 'love' here.

Country Home
White ironstone and fresh green herbs make a beautiful collaboration.

This is a beautiful boys' bedroom. Clean and simple. How cute are those flags, huh?

La Brocanteuse: L'Orangerie
Burlap and stripes on an antique chair. Pretty.

Veranda - Interior Design by Pamela Pierce. Photograph by Peter Vitale.
Another country kitchen that I love. Great big windows, raw brick walls, pebble stone floors and antique chairs. Lovely.

Phoebe Howard
And my collection of pins would not be complete without the work of Phoebe Howard who I have long admired. I love this part of this bedroom. So fresh and clean.

Hope you've enjoyed 10 of my pins today!
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