Wednesday, 29 February 2012

dreamy white bathrooms

This post is going to be about something that I know I can never have - white bathrooms.

So let's just enjoy these photos and pretend that we could own these beauties one day....

I love the details from those white beadboards, the stack of folded clean white towels, white framed medicine cabinet - all grounded by the texture of those floors. I also like the fact that the sinks are of a generous size - I love big sinks, they're so practical.

Image via The Enchanted Home
Now isn't the bathroom above just dreamy? The clawfoot tub, the chandelier (they must have chandeliers in every room as the bathroom would be my last choice of putting up an expensive chandelier), the folded white towels on the chair next to the tub, the bleached wood floors and the upholstered chair for those days where you need some peace and quiet in the bathroom.

I really do like the idea of decorating a bathroom as you would any other room. May not be something practical for me - but I still like that idea. 

Image from Flickr
I'm also in love with this bathroom. I love the clean lines of the sink cabinet, the white marble tops and that lovely lantern for the extra touch of luxury. Beautiful!

Image via Purple Area
I love those cabinets - isn't it rare to see built in cabinets in the bathroom? It's still gorgeous. I love those white boxes and their handles. I could imagine it filled with lovely white towels.

Inspired Home and Design
A luxurious shower made of white marble tiles. That's probably the size of my current bathroom (which would include shower, sink and toilet). I love how the purple flowers bring that pop of colour in this room.

Image via Splendid Sass
Somebody please take me here. Like, right now. I love that seat beside the window. I love the sheer curtains. And they have TWO chandeliers. How luxurious. The floor tiles are also gorgeous.

Image via Beach Cottage Love
I love those baskets lined with white fabric. And pretty blue and white towels rolled up and stacked neatly.

Image via Simplified Bee
White marble countertops and subway tiles. The framed picture, mirror and tray bring in extra details in this simple and clean bathroom.

The bathtub takes centre stage in this bathroom. The bathroom is kept simple to accentuate the architectural details of the ceiling and windows. Lovely.

A cozy corner of the bathroom with a comfy seat by the window. For those mornings you wake up early to enjoy the morning sunlight.

Do you also dream of a white bathroom? Hope you enjoyed my dreamy choice of dreamy white bathrooms!

Have a great Wednesday!

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