Wednesday, 9 May 2012

an update and a beautiful entryway

This post is still going to be about my countertop dilemma that I talked about the other day.

So I asked my contractor to quote for carrara marble. Which I hope will be affordable - so wish me luck! I'm expecting the quotation to be ready for this Thursday.

My contractor also suggested Ipoh white marble which is less costly than the Carrara, but I was not convinced. It is white with a certain pinkish tinge to it. It seems to be a local, Malaysian marble so if you're not from here, you probably would never have heard of it. I couldn't find a picture of it to show you. 

From what I read on the internet, it is more porous than other marbles - I'm not sure if this is true, though.

Nevertheless, I am not making any decision until I see my final quotation. Which is getting more and more expensive each time we make changes. Sigh!

Anyway, I saw this photo of an entryway that is simply beautiful.

Atlanta Homes mag
I love the use of rich colours and textures - like the red brick herringbone floor, the turquoise blue velvet sofa, the green from the moss, the white birch logs under the pretty console. Oh, I love the lamp and the hanging pendant lamp, too.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

bedrooms sheets

When it comes to choosing bed sheets, without a doubt, I would always go for plain sheets - preferably white, for that matter.

I always feel plain sheets will never tire me and I can always dress up the bed with throw pillows and quilts of different colours, patterns and textures. I also prefer soothing rooms that I can retreat to at the end of the day - that means soft and cool colours like white, blues, and light greys.

Here I'll show you my favourite dressed beds and what I love about them.

Better Homes and Gardens

The photo above has to be one of my favourite bedrooms - it looks so luxurious and sophisticated.  Bed sheets have a subtle pattern, and dressed with a frilly skirt and textured quilt. Beautiful.

via Conspicuous Style
I love whites and beiges. This bed has textured pillows and a lovely elegant pattern on the skirting. Gorgeous.

via The Pink Pagoda
If you have lovely wallpaper and patterned rugs, its best to keep your sheets plain white like the photo above. The olive green borders is a simple pattern yet pretty.

Source unknown
The photo above has to be another of my favourite rooms. Beautiful plain white sheets matched with a textured beige coverlet and grey throw.

Elle Decor
A white room - the pretty details of the headboard bring visual interest to the plain white bedsheets.

Source unknown
Plain white sheets paired with patterned throw pillows and a plain blue square pillow and blue throws. I love the casual elegance of this room.

 If you like more patterns on your sheets, here are some that I find pretty...

The photo above was one of the inspiration photos my sister and I referred to when we were doing the makeover of her room. We love the colours used - grey-blues, white and beiges. Notice that they also use white sheets, but dressed it up with a textured, patterned quilt and throw pillows.

via Create Girl
I love this blue and the simple pattern of these sheets. They dressed it up with a white textured throw and a plain throw pillow for that pop of colour.

via The Lennoxx
I find stripes are pretty too - this coastal themed room uses blue stripes with white sheets and a cute pillow with a starfish pattern.

If you don't mind bold colours and patterns, this zigzag pattern looks great, too. Notice how everything else is kept white and simple - except for the cool aqua blue nightstand. 

Urban Outfitters
So how would you dress up your bed? Plain and simple? Or bold and bright?
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