Monday, 23 April 2012

beautiful basket

Thought I'd just share with you this photo. I love baskets. If there was one thing I had to choose to collect, it would be pretty baskets like these. It looks great anywhere, and you can use it to keep just about anything - kid's toys, laundry, blueprints (like in this photo), umbrellas, onions (smaller baskets of course), spare bed linen... and the list goes on.

Source unknown
On a side note... my to-do list is growing. I have so many things to do, yet not enough time to get them done! I haven't even done my taxes yet, but here I am, making an update on my blog.

Hopefully I can get moving on doing the makeover of the room that I mentioned in the end of the post I wrote way back in Dec '11 - I have finally been given the green light by the owner to continue with it. So I have a picture of how I want to decorate it in my head. Can't wait to start on it and get it finished!

At the same time, I'm still working on revising the quotation and discussing about the renovation of our new house with our contractor. Yes, I am a fussy client - but I will not proceed with renovation until I am fully satisfied with every little detail of the project!

Anyway, have a great Monday. Hope I'll be able to write again soon!


  1. Being a fussy client is good! I am, too :-)
    And I also love baskets: wicker, metal, wirework, etc. They are functional, attractive, well priced, and offer great texture. Have a great week, Loi in DC

    1. Thank you, Loi! I'm glad we share the same sentiment towards being a fussy client! Yes, I notice you love baskets too from your home and all your pins! Gorgeous!


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