Monday, 27 August 2012


If you had asked me, what is my least favourite colour, I would have said "orange".

Without a doubt.

But.... I find that orange works great as an accent colour to add life to any setting. I mean, even Blogger is using orange as the accent colour for their theme! :-)

When you feel like your home is lacking in colour, throw in some orange!

Orange and blue looks great together. Here, the orange place mats bring zest in to this neutral coloured room.
House Beautiful

Or, how about some orange trinkets styled on your shelves in the kitchen? I absolutely love this kitchen and the deep blue colour with the bright orangey-red.

Helen Norman Photography

Even an orange book in a bedroom would do. Love the little birdie on it.
via The Pink Pagoda

I love the texture and look of this single vibrant orange cushion in this grey-toned sitting room. This is such a beautifully-styled room.
via Belgian Pearls

Or you can go bolder by throwing an orange cloth over your dining table like this one. I love the velvet texture of this fabric. It looks so rich.
via Belgian Pearls

This beautiful room by John Saladino uses orange and green - colours that complement each other well. Don't you just feel like hanging out here all day?

This room, decorated by Giannetti Home uses orange cushions as an accent.
Velvet & Linen

Orange-coloured flowers brighten up this pretty little breakfast nook.

Or, you can just use oranges - and I mean the fruit - in a bowl to brighten up your kitchen!
Martha Stewart

So how would you use orange in your home?

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Amnah -
    Orange is such a fun accent color! I love perking up a room with orange pillows, flowers and / or textiles. It can be summery or autumnal. Hope your home is coming along!!
    Cheers from DC,

  2. I'm enjoying your blog so much!

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