Saturday, 17 September 2011

Forgive me for I bought an artificial plant...

Being an avid reader of home decorating blogs and magazines, one of the greatest crimes of decorating is buying an artificial plant. Cringe!

Many decorators talk about how it's so important to have freshly cut blooming flowers in their homes to bring life to any room. But let's get real here, who actually is willing to stop by at the nearest florist and splurge on these expensive beauties every odd week? Yeah, maybe once every few months, or maybe every few years, and only when we're expecting guests.

Living room flowers image from

Plants in the house also bring life to any room. Image taken from Apartment Therapy.

The husband, baby and I went to Ikea last week to get my inspiration in decorating my sister's room (which I've not officially started yet - due to the hectic Eid schedule). My eyes fell upon a pretty artificial plant - yes, you read that right, artificial - and a pretty grey-brown clay pot for it to go into.

I had been planning on getting something green for the house - and the initial notion of getting a nice big green live plant to put next to the sofa has now ceased due to the fact that my son has started crawling and cruising, so I can imagine him sticking his fingers in the soil and scooping some into his mouth.
Therefore, it's artificial plants for me in the mean time. But I must point out one thing - if it's gonna be artificial it better look real, darn it.

I bought two - and now they are both sitting on my dining table. Looks real enough, eh?

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