Wednesday, 9 May 2012

an update and a beautiful entryway

This post is still going to be about my countertop dilemma that I talked about the other day.

So I asked my contractor to quote for carrara marble. Which I hope will be affordable - so wish me luck! I'm expecting the quotation to be ready for this Thursday.

My contractor also suggested Ipoh white marble which is less costly than the Carrara, but I was not convinced. It is white with a certain pinkish tinge to it. It seems to be a local, Malaysian marble so if you're not from here, you probably would never have heard of it. I couldn't find a picture of it to show you. 

From what I read on the internet, it is more porous than other marbles - I'm not sure if this is true, though.

Nevertheless, I am not making any decision until I see my final quotation. Which is getting more and more expensive each time we make changes. Sigh!

Anyway, I saw this photo of an entryway that is simply beautiful.

Atlanta Homes mag
I love the use of rich colours and textures - like the red brick herringbone floor, the turquoise blue velvet sofa, the green from the moss, the white birch logs under the pretty console. Oh, I love the lamp and the hanging pendant lamp, too.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. hi amnah...talking about ipoh marble,there is one big company that producing marble n's the website..
    they also have carrara marble,
    maybe u dont know that ipoh has hills whereby one the composition of soil is stone that they used to make marble,granite etc. if u had using highway towards north, when u are passing ipoh area, u cant see the hill just on your rightside.
    if that is the 'ipoh marble' that ur contractor suggesting,i have no doubt about it becoz most of our client here are using that. so far, there is no complaint about the marble..
    thats all...sorry,my english isnt good...hehe

  2. i think i misunderstood about 'ipoh marble'...
    hehe....just go with carrare or u will regret for the rest of ur life...hehe...
    my mum pesan, kalau nak something, dapatkan je...nanti termimpi2.... ;P

  3. hi bizu! thank you very much for your advice! it's true what your mum said, I also thought that too! Even if it is a little expensive, but maybe we can make compromises somewhere else to fit our budget, right? :-) Hopefully will get the quotation from my contractor today and make my decision soon.

    1. Oh, and the Kintaly website have such beautiful marbles!

    2. fact, designer can bring client to their factory and decide which part of marble that we want them to cut for the client. becoz marble was produced with different pattern on it.there is case where the pattern looks like a large lizard...eyuck!

    3. thanks bizu! very helpful info that you share!

  4. Beautiful images on all of the posts I've seen! Looking forward to seeing many more!


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