Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cool Blues or Refreshing Greens?

I've always loved rooms with cool blues and greys...

Imagine coming back from work to a home like this...

Or dropping down on the sofa to read a good magazine in this room:

And going upstairs to retreat in a bedroom like this one...

But now, I think I've fallen in love with refreshing pops of green! They look great with creamy whites and it just creates an ambience of cheerfulness and being outdoors on a lovely day.

 Green as accent colours on a creamy/beige sofa look so fresh.

Love the sofa cushions in this room:

Love this room too.

For now, I'm loving cools blues and chalky greys. With bright green accents! I'm wondering whether this scheme will work...


  1. What is the the name of the color gray is in the magazine room?

  2. Also love the cream color in the last room. Please let me know who makes it.


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