Sunday, 14 August 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Finally, I've found myself a project to get working on!

It's actually my sister's room, it's in need of a makeover. I kind of pointed that out to her myself, so I officially appointed myself as her decorator.

Last weekend, we went over to the Home Reno and Furnishings Fair at KL Convention Centre to check out what they have. It was fun, though we didn't buy anything (except for an Electrolux blender. But that doesn't count, as it was more of a personal need).

Anyway, today, we'll be going over to my parent's place. I plan to take the measurements of my sister's room. I'm also planning to take some photos, so that we can decide what items are for keeps, and what items just must go.

My sister did mention about her preference for modern, contemporary but at the same time traditional. She showed me pictures from the BHG website, so I kind of get the idea of what she likes. I personally love neutral-muted tones, but I'll try not to get my preferences override hers - no matter how tempted I am!

 Her dream bedrooms, taken from BHG

Well, I do hope I get to post some pictures up here of her room. But I must get her permission first, of course. :-) Though what's the fun of a makeover without the typical "Before" and "After" photos, huh?

Happy fasting!

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