Saturday, 20 August 2011

A 10-year Commemoration...

It's a Friday evening, and I finally have the chance to update with some photos of my sister's room that I am planning to redecorate.

The photos were taken on Monday, after my son's check up at the clinic.

So here goes...

This is the view when you enter the room.

The photo is kind of dark. I don't know whether it's my photography skills, or whether it's just the camera. As much as I'd like to say it's the latter, I have a lurking feeling it's the former.  

This room was mine around 10 years ago where I shared it with my older sister. After enrolling in to university, it was inherited by my younger sister.

This room was one of my first ever decorating projects. After completing my SPM in Form 5, my sister and I decided to paint one wall purple! Creating a "feature wall" was the 'in' thing back then. Now, I just call it laziness.

It was a lot of fun. You can't really see it in this photo, but the pink wall that you see in this photo was purple and the ceiling slants upwards. So towards the right side of this room, the ceiling is extremely high. I vaguely remember us painting while standing on a ladder trying to get to the highest part of the wall where it meets the ceiling.

After the wall was done, we realised we had extra purple paint. So, we decided to paint the built-in closet facing the feature wall, too! And, 10 years later, it still remains the same purple. Here it is today.

Even some of the drawings I did 10 years ago are still mounted on it.

Enough of the nostalgia. To commemorate the 10 years since the last major update of the room, it's time for it's next major update. I'm planning to rip this whole wardrobe out. It's been standing here since... well, I can't recall. Let's just say, for a very...long... time. The bottom drawers are literally just heavy boxes of wood that requires the extraordinary physical strength to push and pull open; the locks are useless metal and the closets smell of cats (don't get me started on the number of our cats who have given birth to kittens in here).

Looking at the budget we have, I'm considering of having a built-in wardrobe with laminate doors. Not decided on the colour yet as we're still surveying. I do prefer a white finish, but my sister suggested dark brown. 

Here's the computer desk and the book shelf. Currently, it's facing the bed, so the first thing you actually see when you enter the room is the side of the computer. Not a pretty sight.

This is the corkscrew board nailed above the computer desk. It's full of character and seems a shame to take this down.

Just by looking at this, you can tell the inhabitant of the room is a creative soul with a love of the whimsical. :-) I just need to figure out how to let her personality shine through the redecorated room.

Below is the front view of her book shelf. There's a keyboard on top, and a guitar leaning against it. My sister is also musically talented - unlike me.

There's also this ancient dresser with a 60's vibe to it. I'm not too sure whether it's a keeper. Maybe it's also in need of a makeover. Let's KIV this one.

I like the rich colours of the scarf on the chair though.

The fact that the dresser and the bed is pushed against the window is a shame. I love having sunlight in the room, and I intend to make the windows the highlight of this room. I'm picturing long, gauzy white fabric as the day curtain, and a simple neutral-toned night curtain.

Definitely in need of a new and proper lamp! And not to mention a bedside table for it to stand on!

I like the pops of colours from the fabric of the bag and the bright green plant in the bright blue pot shown in the picture below. I would like to incorporate these colours in the overall room. It is evident that my sister likes the fresh colours of blue and green. Not purple, as the sheets are actually mine before she took them!

I also took down the measurements of the room, including the window so we can start sourcing for curtains.  I plan to draw up a sketch of the room to scale in order to see how the furniture in the room can be arranged.

And I did all this while this little fella was fast asleep!


  1. OMG that room is so hideous. D:

    The funny thing is, before you decided to be all interior designery on me, I had tweeted about how this room totally needs to be redecorated because I turn 25 this year yet the room looks like it belongs to a 15 year old...

    Must be a sisterly-telepathy thing going on.

  2. Yeah, maybe it was... Anyway, I'll start working on it after Raya okay! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished look!

  4. But i tell u what, me and my sisters' room is more hideous! Lol

  5. Hi Kak Ja, thanks for your comments! The room will be finished soon! (hopefully!)


    Seriously. Did you play up the hideousness? I don't remember it being THAT hideous. It was still quite hideous though... Oh, the hideous memories...

  7. No, I didn't play up the hideousness. It's not that bad, though, seriously. :-)

  8. i really hope you kept the dressing table or at least made some decent money out of it. cant get that anymore.

    1. hi anonymous, yes we are still keeping would be a shame to give it away, I agree with you! Although I'm still scratching my head on where to find a new home/room for it!


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