Saturday, 17 September 2011

Project Update!

It's been 2 weeks into Eid, so I've made some snail progress into my official project of redecorating my sister's room. Click here for the last update.

As mentioned in my previous post, I went window shopping at Ikea to search for cheap inspiration.
I managed to get some ideas on how to emulate my sister's dream bedroom with these items.

Lenda curtains for only RM89. 

Sheer curtains for only RM43.90.

3 pictures for only RM33!

I've not decided on the frames to put them in yet - but I noticed a few that were still within the affordable range.

We also went looking at potential beds and frames the week before. No pictures to post on this, though.

I called up my interior designer, who we hired to do the minor renovation to our apartment last year. She quoted me the cost for a built-in cabinet. The price is only RM20 more expensive than another outlet we checked out - but I'm willing to pay the extra RM20 as she would oversee the whole project end to end.

I also talked to her about painting the room a light blue and she suggested a colour from Nippon paint  called High Up. I've been trying to search it up online, but they only feature limited colours on their website.

She mentioned it is a lovely light blue-grey colour - which sounds exactly like the colour I am looking for.

So for next weekend, I'm planning to invite her over to see the bedroom and quote her price for painting.

Till next week!

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