Sunday, 23 October 2011

Monday Blues

Feeling the Monday blues already?

One thing I know for sure is that blue is a beautiful colour and makes for great rooms. How the colour blue is associated with something negative is a mystery to me.

For those who love blue, this is for you!


Let's first indulge in this room below. Just looking at it already makes you feel at peace. The black upholstered chair is a nice touch to the muted hues of this room.

The light blue pillows makes a great accent colour in this beige and brown room.

I love the white panelled walls and the light blue bathroom walls. Blue and white makes a fresh combination.
The natural wood floors are gorgeous too.

Blue as accent colours in this room is clean and pretty. I'm not sure about the polka dot pillow there.
Also from
A pretty and cosy bedroom! The fact that the sheets are a little bit rumpled and not too neat makes this room feel lived in. I love rooms that make you feel at home.
Source unknown

I love the colour combination of white, grey-blue and brown. Chanel bedtime story, anyone?

I like these blue sheets! This room is a little masculine, but I think the white throw on the bed balances it out. An androgynous room, perhaps?
And the industrial side lamp is gorgeous. My sister and I argued about the colour. I said it was silver. She said it was gold. It's brass.

Have a great week ahead!

Check out what this kid was up to when his mum and dad weren't looking.

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