Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dining with books

Having a young child at home affects your decorating style. My husband and I had to forgo the idea of having a coffee table - our little one needs the space to crawl on our carpet. Our end table decoration is nothing more than 2 wedding favours and a lamp pushed to the furthest corner of the table so that the baby can't get his curious fingers on it.

Recently I kept my books and magazines on one of the end table, but if you take a look at this photo below, you'll see the reason why I have had to move my stuff to a new location - the dining table.

What is it with children that they like to play anything other than their own toys?

I've seen photos of books stacked prettily on dining tables, thus this inspired me to do the same. Below are photos of lovely examples.

Source unknown
I love the chipped painted table and how the decoration is laid out in the photo above. The table adds a bit of rustic to the room that has a modern edge.

Source House Beautiful
My focus is on the black dining table stacked with books. Love the globe taking centre stage. Charming.

Source is also House Beautiful
Bright coloured flowers among the darker hues of the books stacked around it.

Source unknown
The table is full of neatly stacked books and lovely vases and knick-knacks.

Source HGTV
So simple, yet so pretty. Books of the same size and colours are stacked in twos and threes.

Source unknown
Books, candle, flowers and fruit. The basics of lovely decorating.

So here are some of my books and magazines moved to their new location - the dining table! 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. The round table in 2nd pic! oh it similar wth the one in my parent's house; but it's brown. Currently we move it outside, and make it as place where we used it as reading area during tea time =)


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