Monday, 26 December 2011

Inspiration for an industrial bedroom

I am now working on getting inspiration for my next makeover project. Last week I had featured a photo of the room, click here (it's the last photo in the post). The owner of the room will remain anonymous, as long as you do not guess who it is. :-)

This room will be a different challenge, as the owner is a guy and I've never really read articles on decorating for guys' bedrooms.

The look that came to my mind was industrial.

Smelter rooms
Okay, minus the broken glass on the floor and the graffiti (though it doesn't look so bad here, does it?). Throw in a bed, some pillows and a wardrobe and it would look great.

I bounced the idea off the owner, and he seemed genuinely excited with it. As he is quite the movie buff, I tried to give him a picture of my idea of the industrial look - the "dilapidated" warehouse in Inception.

Yusuf sharing an idea with the team. Yeah, I love this movie.
I love the chalky blue-greys, the cement floor, the peeling paint on the brick walls, the worn wooden tables, the black steel filing cabinets. We even joked about having newspaper sellotaped to the windows for curtains, and I noticed that's exactly the look they had here!

I did some blog-surfing and came across Roman and Williams work, where they totally nailed the industrial look in the residential.

The picture above is one of my favourites. I love the dark aged wood and the organised chaos of this room.

Another view of the same room. Love it.

I also look for inspiration when I'm watching TV (which I don't really have much time for). When I'm watching a show, I'm usually checking out the room decoration more than I am concentrating on the storyline. I wonder if anyone out there is like that too.

So last Saturday, my sister was watching New Girl where I noticed the room was stylishly industrial.

Last Saturday's episode. Don't ask me what it was about.
While Jess is playing with bells here, I'm noting the mismatched dining chairs, the wooden top table and  iron legs, the rug, the exposed brick wall and the stainless steel kitchen island. Nice!

I believe this is the first episode, because Damon Wayans Jr. is in this screen shot.
I have been trying to look for ideas on how to do curtains in the room. I thought sheer curtains might look too feminine, but the ones in the picture above proved me wrong.

I also look for inspiration when I'm walking past shops in shopping malls. I saw these chairs in the photo below in two restaurants so far, and have been wondering where I can find them. They look so industrially cool.
I have my mind set on looking for an industrial lamp for the room, too. I'm sure I can find a nice, moderately priced one at Ikea like this one. Love the little details on it.
That's all for now. I think I now have an idea on how to decorate the room. Can't wait to get started!

Have a great week and a Happy New Year!

PS: Thanks to my husband for lending me his laptop for me to write this post. And sincere apologies to him for dropping it on the floor when our 1-year-old was trying to climb on my lap. :-(


  1. Nice! I love the third photo in this post. I think that's exactly the kind of look your new client wants. He's been going on about a 'Sherlock Holmesy' room, and that room looks like it's come straight from a Victorian novel! Awesome.

  2. nice! maybe when aina's ready for her own room, i'll engage you as the designer/ID, yeah? good luck with the new project, hope it turns out :D

  3. Aisya: Yeah, when I saw that photo, I totally thought it fit his description - industrial with Sherlock Holmesy look. Love that photo too! It doesn't look overly done - like it had been organised that way naturally over many many years. I love rooms with unique personal styles.

    Aunty Liza: Thanks, Aunty! Yeah, I'd be more than happy to decorate Aina's room one day! Been dreaming of doing a girly-girl's bedroom! Aina would be the perfect 'client'! :-D

  4. Gorgeous and interesting industrial inspiration!

    My name is Kristen Crosby and I was wondering if you could please email me at I love your blog and I would love to discuss a guest post opportunity with you.

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hi Kristen, thank you and how exciting! I will be emailing you very soon!

  6. I'm working on my daughter's bedroom right now. I'm making curtain hardware out of galvanized pipe and using canvas slipcovers for curtains, both from Lowes. Not much more industrial than pipe and drop cloths.


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