Saturday, 28 January 2012

organised chaos

I'm no expert on time management and organising, but I do occassionally like to read up on these topics to keep myself sane with the daily household chores - with the baby (now officially a toddler), my blogging, a decorating hobby and a full-time job, I find the following tips do help.

We love household chores! Source unknown.

1. 15-min cleaning spree
I wake up every morning and make it a point to have a simple breakfast. After which I would dedicate about 15 minutes of cleaning - doing the dishes (though this sometimes take up the full 15 minutes), sweeping up the spilled crackers on the floor, doing the bed, putting away the toys. I usually clean as I go. Doing this everyday helps to lighten the load of chores we have to do in the weekends! I also like coming home to a cleaner house.

2. Clean the sink 
I read this in the Fly Lady's book. It's about keeping the kitchen sink clean everyday. Every room has a 'sink'. For example, the 'sink' in the bedroom would be the bed. So I try to keep the bed made everyday too. It'll motivate you to keep the other things in the room clean.

3. Folding the laundry 1 basket at a time
Ugh, the dreaded laundry. No matter how many times a week we do the laundry, the basket is never empty! And let's not talk about the clean laundry that needs to be folded. My husband and I have gone weeks with unfolded laundry - just pulling out what we needed from the basket of clean clothes. One tip I've started to lighten the load of folding is to fold 1 basket of clothes for every 1 basket we put in the machine.

5. Tidy up drawers as you open them
I do not like to keep a lot of things, so each time I open up a drawer, I would quickly rummage through and dispose of anything that I feel I don't need. I also do this to my fridge.

6. Having an ugly room
We dedicate a room in our house to put in things that are not pleasing to our eyes. It's kind of like a store room. We also stash away stuff in this room on days when guests are coming *wink wink*. This room helps keeps our other rooms prettier by taking in all the ugly. 

I can't think of any more at the moment. Let me just say that at this point, my house is not looking as spick and span as I'd like - but it's okay to have those bad days some times.

I'd love to hear how other busy women out there keep up with their household chores! It isn't easy!


  1. before we had aina (and ana of course) we worked crazy hours so our house was pretty much a shipwreck! BUT, i keep 3 areas in the house neat (and as spotless as i can) - the master bedroom, the kitchen and dining area. i'd WASH the kitchen EVERYDAY! it helps to keep a few main points in a house as tidy and clean as possible so that on weekends, the other rooms/areas can 'follow suit', sort of! LOL

    when ana went back a couple of years ago, i planned out a routine which actually worked! so, no matter what your priority is, u will eventually find a routine that works for you!

    GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. Haha. I like the idea of having an ugly room. I always have that. For me it could be just a dedicated ugly space or an ugly drawer or an ugly storage or an ugly box (since i dont own a house myself). But the idea is pretty much the same.. stashing away all the uglies and things that don"t fit in any categories with the rest of other stuff in the room. Haha i like it to the max. Keep on writing n sharing the design ideas. Good job.

  3. Husband: Thanks for keeping our house clean(er) with me! :-)

    Auntie: I love your tip on keeping a few main areas clean! I should get cracking on setting up a routine, too! Thank you!

  4. Cik Syila: Yeah, 'the ugly room/space/drawer' is a big help. Now our ugly room is starting to run out of space. We need a bigger ugly room! :-)


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