Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Villa in Mykonos island

There's this little island in Greece, called Mykonos, where there are lovely villas for super rich tourists to lay back and enjoy the beach.

I found these two images from this website.

I love the colour palette of blues, creams and beiges. Note the casual elegance of the room - the curtains, the trestle table, the plaster walls. Gorgeous.

Another view of the same room. I fell in love with the window seats. Beautiful. Another trestle table behind the L-shaped linen-covered sofa.

Beach decor at its best!


  1. Hi,can u post a topic about shelves that built-in at the wall, like in the first pic of this post? I know it kinda boring because it sort of permanent where u need to make hole at your wall. But on d other side, it doesn't require lot of space compared to put big shelves in living room. Haha! i hope u understand what i'm trying to say, bcoz i do not know some of term they used in interior design. Thanks!

    1. Hi anonymous, sure, I can do a post on that. I also noticed the wall niche in the first photo and like it, too!


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