Saturday, 19 May 2012


If there was one pattern that I had to choose among all patterns, it would be stripes.

I am loving this pattern that never goes out of style - be it on furniture, walls or floors.

image from Ikea Family Live
This room has gone all out with beautiful grey stripes on the bed, the floors and even on the clothes hanging on those hooks. I love the beachy relaxed feel of this bedroom.

House Beautiful
I like large stripes on the walls - the stripes used in this room brings out a modern edge to this otherwise feminine room. I'm loving the colour palette of blues, greys and light browns.

How about horizontal stripes on the wall? I love this bold and beautiful dining room.

la Brocanteuse: L'Orangerie
Stripes look great on upholstered pieces too. I adore this combination of a striped sofa and burlap pillows for an authentic and rustic feel.

Better Homes & Gardens
Colourful stripes look great on these wing chairs!

If you're not that bold to go big on stripes...
Washington School House
... they make a great pattern on throw pillows when paired together with plain ones.

via Luxe + Lillies
I love this breakfast nook overlooking a great view. Stripes on the throw pillows looks great.

Or you can bring in some stripes on your floors from rugs...

Tim Clarke inc
Ellen Pompeo's kitchen from Elle Decor
Ellen Pompeo's house from Elle Decor. Isn't that just gorgeous?
So what do you think of stripes? I would like mine on throw pillows and smaller pieces of furniture like a wing chair or a one-seater.

And I would totally consider using stripes in a kids' room!

Source unknown
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I so agree: stripes are timeless....never out of style, Amnah. I love them, too. The small stripes / ticking are my favorites. I have many seating pieces in my home upholstered in stripes. Have a wonderful weekend! :-)
    Cheers, Loi

    1. Ooh, I never knew small stripes are called ticking! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend, Loi!

  2. Love the stripes too! Stripes can make your room looks *higher* if its been applied on the wall vertically and looks *wider* if its been appllied on the floor horizontally..huhu

    1. Thanks for the tip! I never really noticed that before!


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