Saturday, 23 June 2012

small gardens

So I have this really small garden in our new house and right now we've been so focused on renovating the house that I've never really thought about how I would like my garden to look like.

You see, I've never been the gardening type of girl... have always loved the decorating of the interiors of houses rather than the exterior.

But a lot of the blogs I read and the pinners I follow on Pinterest are garden lovers, and I cannot help but find myself inspired and repinning away of photos of beautiful small gardens. Something I can refer to when hopefully, one day, I get the time and spirit to spruce up our future garden.

Here are some of my inspiration photos of small gardens... or corners of bigger gardens. :-)

via Design Chic
I love topiary and a neat little garden like the one above. Okay, my garden / landscape vocab is a little rusty, so I'm not going to be narrating much here. I need my landscape architect friends to help me out.

Paul Bangay
A cute white bench to enjoy the greenery.

I would love to have a fountain in my garden. And I like the way the plants are encircled around this one.

Debora Carl Landscape Design
I love the idea of having a gravel laid path.

And, if I could have flowers - surprise, surprise - I would want white flowers.

This adorable urban garden above would be more my style. Simple, a little bit modern, and low-maintenance.

via The Good Stuff
Our garden in our new home is a side garden, kind of like the one in the photo above. It's about 10 feet wide. I love how they've laid out the slabs in this diamond pattern.

via Downsize my space
I love this small garden with square blocks of different plants. Cute and contemporary.

unknown source
Black makes a great accent colour for seating, tables, chairs and planters in this photo. Note the gravel again.

Succulents are always adorable.

House Beautiful - Chris Barrett
I love this little courtyard with the stone table stacked with green goodness.

So how would you decorate your garden? Hope you enjoyed my inspiration photos!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely post, Amnah. I've seen many creatively planted small gardens where every inch is fully considered and utilized. And, it is far easier to keep a small garden tidy and good looking at all times. Have a wonderful weekend! Loi

  2. laman saye simple. no grass, tapi digantikan dengan batu2 putih dan grey. susun 4 keping laluan untuk jalan tu. dan 3 pasu di kiri dan kanan. simple. cuma skrang kena rajin cabut rumput2 yang mula tumbuh di sekeliling pasu.

  3. Your taste for landscape pun sama mcm interior. So British!

    May I request Reen Tart Nenas for some pix of her garden?

  4. I think they all deserve to be in your inspiration list. ;) You know, I actually prefer a small garden because, even despite its area limitations, it is undoubtedly easier to maintain. It can help develop your creativity, since you have to make use of every space through practicality. And the best, I think, is it gives you the liberty to pay more attention to every detail. How was it?

  5. I love your white garden bench! I think it really is right where it’s supposed to be – somewhere where you can appreciate your stunning garden. Likewise, the lavender plants on the left look beautiful! It’s really a wonderful addition to the garden.

    Shona Martinez

  6. Among your list, I love the 8th photo the best. This is the first time I saw something like it. It is unique and, indeed, contemporary. Having blocks with different flowers challenges the conventional type of landscaping design where everything should be symmetrical.


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