Monday, 25 June 2012

white fan

You don't really see ceiling fans in interior photos, but when they do, I'll be among the first to notice. Why? Because having a ceiling fan in this hot humid weather of Malaysia is compulsory. Every room must have one. And I like to see the kind of fans decorators use for their homes so that I can make the right choices for my own.

Well, some people go for air conditioning sans the ceiling fan, but I've always preferred the good old ceiling fan. Mostly because air conditioners makes my skin dry. 

Anyways... we have to start looking for fans in our new house. And I'm digging white ceiling fans. Not those contractor-chosen white fans (that is being used in my current apartment) we see often.

But something like the one in this photo. 

via Elements of Style Blog
Okay, too bad that we can only see like, three fourths of the fan... well, I did tell you ceiling fans rarely show up in photos of beautiful rooms. And, might I say, this room is beautiful. Loving the window seat and the collection of blue and beige pillows. 

So, if you're a Malaysian, please tell me where I can find a white fan similar to the one in this photo! 

Much appreciated! Have a lovely week ahead!


  1. Amnah, it's true: you don't see ceiling fans in design mags, often. I don't mind them. I think it is important to be comfortable. Good luck with your search.

  2. Gorgeous, your room looks very pulled together! Ceiling Fans look great. Well done!

  3. This room is very relaxing because of the color of the white walls and the sheets. The ceiling fan makes for a pretty good accent too because the room is pretty much bare. And that bed looks so comfortable! It just gives you the urge to jump on there and snuggle up under the blanket!


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