Saturday, 14 July 2012

looking for a lantern for my dining area...

It's been a while since I last wrote, hasn't it!

Well, work has been rather hectic, so I haven't had much time and energy to update here.

My husband and I have been busy looking for lights to decorate our new home. We've been looking for three weekends and still haven't found anything suitable for our dining area until today! I can easily say that looking for pendant lighting can be as difficult as looking for our wedding rings two years ago :-).

I've never really been a chandelier kind of girl - I like simple lighting, and I am drawn to the simple elegance of lanterns.

However, after scouring a total of... (counting in my head)... 12 (!) different lighting shops, today there was a shop that had great-looking lanterns at reasonable prices. In addition to that, lanterns are categorised under the 'outdoor lighting' section, so today, while admiring the lantern I liked, I didn't tell the sales girl that I was considering of hanging it in our dining room. I think she would have maybe laughed at me.

Anyway, we haven't bought the light yet as we were rushing off somewhere after that, so we'll probably buy it tomorrow or next weekend. I hope I can post a picture of it here and show you then.

In the meantime, here are some of my inspiration photos of lanterns in dining areas. Take a look!

Velvet & Linen
I love this sunroom with the french doors and windows! Isn't the lantern so pretty as well?

Munger Interiors
A simple, clean white dining area with a lovely, squarish lantern. Love it. Love the Roman shades with the elegant grey stripes, too.

Tammy Connor Interior Design
I am in love with this room above! I love the sheers with the thin iron rods and those glass doors. Beautiful!

Loi Thai's dining room
Now who has not fallen in love with Loi Thai's dining room yet? Well, I have. Amid the neutrals, the beautiful dark lantern makes a great accent. I love the size, too.

Sally Wheat - Better Homes & Gardens
A pair of industrial looking lanterns complete this look in this fresh and bright dining area. Check out the ghost chairs. Aren't they lovely?

So what do you think? Well, I am most certainly loving the lantern look and most likely will get one for myself!

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Welcome back to blogland, Amnah!
    You must have been busy. Thank you for including mine :-) You are so kind. I love lanterns, and hope I do not have too many in our home. Ha ha....I tend to get lantern crazy.
    Cheers from DC,

  2. I have never thought of using lanterns as opposed to chandeliers. I am still living with my parents but I would definitely consider using lanterns when I have a place to call my own. This is a great post. Thanks Amnah!

  3. They wont laugh at u if they knw tht lantern suites well in dining room =). Btw,i think i saw the lamp as in d pics here. On the way to UIA, you can find several lighting shops (on your left side, and Giant batu caves on your right side). Reasonable price. I bought 2-pairs of wall-lighting (not sure what u call it), less that RM150 =).


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