Tuesday, 28 February 2012

breakfast nook dreams

I think I’m giving my husband a headache with all my crazy (and expensive) ideas for our house renovation. Okay, I won’t call them crazy, but maybe a little bit…. ambitious?

You can’t stop a girl from dreaming about her dream house, huh? I’m sure a lot of you reading this have been dreaming of the perfect house since you were just little girls (or boys if you’re a guy). Well, at least I have.

My latest "ambition"? Having a breakfast nook.

We have a room next to the kitchen of our new house which I believe would be unused (stashing ugly stuff does not classify it as 'used'). And since the kitchen is rather dark, I’ve been contemplating on taking down the wall and making it into a little breakfast nook with lots of light.

I can just imagine myself in any of these breakfast rooms, having my morning breakfast of cornflakes and cold milk. And a cup of hot Milo (a chocolate drink here in this part of the planet). 

The photo below is simply beautiful. I love the neutral colour palette of whites, beige and white washed wood. Seaside decor at its best.
Casual and elegant. Image from here
From Apartment Therapy
I love the denim blue material used for the seats and the mix of patterns on the throw pillows. Lovely!

House Beautiful
The use of neutrals in this breakfast nook is gorgeous. 

Aesthetically Thinking
A striped black and white banquette and lovely mix of frames and pictures. They used two square tables here and mismatched chairs. Casual elegance again!

Southern Living
This breakfast nook is clean and uncluttered. Simply beautiful. 

Triangle Honeymoon
Get those wicker chairs at Ikea!! This corner is oh so pretty. 

A House and Home
Sunlight being filtered by those lovely roman blinds. How lovely. 

Elle Decor
I love this nook with all its use of textures. 

Can your house afford a breakfast nook? I'll let you know if my dream of having a breakfast nook comes to life. If not, I'll probably opt for a french door with milk glass panes so that the sunlight can enter in to the kitchen from that room. 

Have a great Tuesday!


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