Friday, 2 March 2012

awesome study

Have you ever dreamed of having an awesome study room that's not too neat, decorated with cool industrial stuff, casually simple and beautiful, a little messy, but organised at the same time?

That's what my study room would look like... some day.

This room is a piece of artwork.

Have an awesome Friday!!


  1. I'm moving to a new house in two months time. I wanted to buy everything new if possible but my mom won't let me because she said my old kayu jati bed is still in a good condition. I need your opinion on how to decorate my room using the same old kayu jadi bed when actually I really want my room to be something like this:

  2. OH WOW that is cantik gila babas!

  3. Hi Nisa! How exciting to be moving into a new house! That room is beautiful! Well, you can keep your jati bed, and focus on the other things that you like from that room. For the bed, you can get white sheets and pillow cases, and dress it up with some decorative pillows - two sets in a similar colour, and one smaller one in a nice texture. Then, look for simple curtains in full-length. If you want colour, look for some colourful photos and frame them up above the bed! And you can also paint the wall in that similar peachy-pink colour. I think a kayu jati bed would look just as good. Tell me how it goes!

    Hi Aisya, yeah, it is!

  4. Hi, thank you so much for your ideas. I think I can give that a try. Will definitely blog about it once I'm done with it :) Thank you.

    1. You're most welcome! I look forward to the outcome!


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