Thursday, 9 February 2012

Crazy for linen curtains

I am a fan of linen curtains - I love the fact that linen is a natural material, and the no-frills look it brings is a charm. Paired with a single and thin black rod, it is perfect.

These are some of the photos of beautiful linen curtains I found.

Source here
I love this room - it's actually a master bathroom. I love that it's directly connected to an attractive garden (from this view, at least).

Source here
Designer Susan Ferrier used sheer curtains for the right side of the room and linen drapes of the same colour for the window wall on the left. I love how the light filters through the sheer curtains.

Linen sheers. Source here
Linen curtains look oh-so casual and beautiful. They're great as they are less susceptible to holding dirt and dust - making them longer lasting.

Elle Decor
Lovely linen curtains with linen slip-covered sofa! I adore the lines in this room.

Atlanta Homes Mag
This room is absolutely beautiful - the natural wood beam ceilings, the sisal rug, the linen slipcovers and linen curtains. Gorgeous!

Here's another photo of the same house:

I love the idea of using natural, strong materials to decorate your home such as linen, cotton, sisal and sea grass rugs. These elements bring a sense of calm as - as if you're going back to nature.


  1. hello,good day to you..
    have you any sofa ideas for a living room? if u have time do make a post on it. really appreciate it :)). Owh yeah, i was thinking stripy sorta pattern for a sofa , can it fits?

    1. Hi there! Yes, I had just been thinking about writing a post on sofas as I have been looking around for beautiful sofas lately. I will definitely be writing on this soon! Thank you for your comment!

      Striped sofas would look great, too!

  2. You are crazy for linen and you have shown our craziness for it


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