Saturday, 11 February 2012

Project update 2!

I think this project deserves an update. I’ve been rather busy to actually go out and start purchasing, but I’ve used this time to gather inspiration and decide on what would be suited best for the room. Click here for the last update, and here for a photo of the room in it’s current state (it's the last photo in the post).

I’ve also taken the measurements down in order to get started on looking for affordable wardrobes and stuff.

Can someone please recommend me a good measuring tape? This is already the second one where the tape would not roll back in. :-/
Because the room is rather small, we're going to go for a wardrobe that is not too deep - 30cm max. Also, we don't want the doors to bang into the ceiling fan when it's opened. 

As for curtains, we've chosen Ikea's Wilma and Lenda curtains as they're a great price and look good, too.

For the accessories, I was thinking of painting the desk in the room black. Here's the photo of it.

There’s also a funky bookshelf – still haven't decided on how to revamp this one.

I also have an idea for artwork. We visited a second hand shop all the way in Bangi and found some great encyclopedias and maps. I was thinking of using the illustrations in some of the books and framing them.

Here are some cute map ideas I found on Houzz that I thought I'd share:

Vintage World Map Print, You are my world by Ex Libris Journals eclectic artwork

Vintage Map, ROME Atlas Map Italian Print by Ex Libris Journals traditional artwork

Around the World Letter eclectic accessories and decor

Image source from Country Living

We can either look for frames at Ikea, or get some cheap ones at a second hand shop at Petaling Jaya called Cash Converters. As for other accessories, I was thinking of visiting the flea market that I heard about at Amcorp Mall. Have been procrastinating on going there for ages!

I can't wait to get to work on this room soon! Have a great weekend!


  1. Wait, you found maps at the second hand store? Why didn't you buy them? I wanted one for the study room! A vintage oldish-type map, like the inaccurate ones from Medieval times...

  2. Yes, you can ask Firdaus - it's in his room. But not the vintage oldish-type map. We found a book of maps of UK. I thought we could frame some of the maps in there. Perhaps you can find Bellott Street for us. :-)


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