Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pendant Lamps

I am a fan of pendant lamps – to me they are pieces of artwork in itself. I love 'em simple and timeless. I found these pictures of pendant lamps which I think are beautiful.
Check out these steel tubs transformed into lamps for a beautiful wedding dinner setting. I think they look gorgeous.
I've been seeing these glass pendant lights in a few shops and restaurants around town. I think they are simple and beautiful. I couldn't find a full picture online though. 

Ottava pendant lamp. IKEA

I really like this industrial lamp from Ikea. I'm thinking of getting one for my next home.
I love this room and how the glass pendant lamps make a bold statement in the living room and the hallway.
I love this entryway and how they used the same pendant lamps in each adjacent hallway to create consistency. Loving the framed blue artwork too.
I'm totally digging this room. How everything is mismatched but looks great together with similar colours and textures. I'm a fan of that wooden table. The whole room looks charming. 

I will be continuously looking for inspiration for lighting - particularly pendant lamps - as we need to get cracking on getting our new home ready for moving in. 

Have a great day! 

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