Saturday, 4 February 2012

Swedish interiors

After all this talk about Ikea, one would think I have fallen in love with Swedish furniture. Well... maybe a little bit.

Especially after reading this particular post from Cote de Texas, I fell in love with the story and the pictures of the houses featured in this article in the Washington Post. Below are some of my favourite photos.

The Swedish look is all about chalky greys and muted tones, natural textured fabrics like linen and seagrass rugs and Swedish antiques in an environment that is relaxed, serene and casual. Now I wouldn't mind living in a space like that everyday.

The next photos are from a different house, but belonged to the same owner of the room above.
I fell in love with the entryway in the photo above. All its details - the pale stone floor, the patina of the chest of drawers, the carvings of the white banister and the fresh pop of green coming from the fern - I love.

The photo of this room above blew me away. Everything about it is beautiful. I will bookmark this photo for those moments when I am in need of inspiration.

Here's a closer view of the further half of the room. Isn't it gorgeous?

I love this dining room - particularly the grey Swedish chairs and the glass pendant lamp. And the view of the next room from that doorway is so intriguing.

Below are more photos of Swedish interiors that I find beautiful.

Source here
Notice how everything is weathered with a beautiful patina. Nothing is too precious to touch - that's what makes it so appealing (to people like me who has a boisterous toddler in the house).

Source here
I love the colour palette of fresh greens and natural light wood in the photo above.

Source here
Doesn't the room above look so light and airy?

Source unknown
I'm not sure whether the above is Swedish, but it has the colour palette that I love about it.

Source here
The above photo is also Swedish - but the modern side of Swedish interiors that we are more familiar with since Ikea took over world dominance (at least, in the decorating world). I love this apartment.

Here are some tips on getting the Swedish style look, taken from this article of the Washington Post by Terri Sapienza - even if you are living on the other side of the planet from Sweden.

Start small. If you’re apprehensive about a big change or commitment, start with a small space in your home, such as a foyer, hallway or guest room. 

Repaint the walls in a lighter color. Thai suggests a neutral color, which is more versatile and will work with many types of furniture and finishes. His favorite neutral paint colors include Classic Gray and White Dove, both from Benjamin Moore and Clunch by Farrow & Ball. 
Introduce painted Swedish pieces slowly. Start in smaller rooms and replace the furniture you like the least, says Thai. You may find that one or two new pieces refresh your space enough. If you like the way they look, you can eventually carry the style into the more prominent rooms. 

Don’t get carried away. “When people use too much Swedish furniture, it starts looking like a theme park and will eventually look dated,” says Thai. He prefers rooms that are more collected and mixed, with a touch of Swedish style. “You can introduce this furniture to your mahogany furniture and keep it like that,” he says. “It’s more interesting.”

Update upholstered furniture. If you have a dark couch, replace the matching accent pillows with pillows that are lighter in color and drape a neutral throw over the back, Thai says.
If you have a suite of dark furniture, break it up, he says. Move the pair of chairs to another room or recover the chairs, keep the sofa dark and add light pillows.
If you don’t want to invest in reupholstery, use slipcovers. Get fabric that is washable and neutral. You can bring in patterns and color with pillows and throws. Thai recommends Calico Corners and Haute for finding good, mid-weight linens.

Well, I guess the closest that we can get to Swedish furniture on this side of the earth is at Ikea for now! You'll know where to find me on weekends! :-)

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