Monday, 13 February 2012

topiary love

Today I'm going to be talking about topiary as I think they are charming little pieces of art that brings character in any room.

Image source

I would totally consider having topiary flanking my front doors like this to greet guests:
The fresh pop of green enhances the clean white walls and black door.

They also look lovely in simple kitchens against a window:


And this one:

San Jose Res 2 traditional
traditional spaces design by san francisco interior designer Fiorella Design

You can have them greet you every time you enter your house:
Aren't these just lovely? Topiary of different shapes and sizes in terracotta pots against shutter windows:

Image source
Bigger topiary in your garden to enjoy before your evening nap outdoors...

Image source
Topiary of different colours, shapes and sizes laid out symmetrically, flanking the stone sculpture looks gorgeous in this picture below.

You can even consider having them for the centrepiece of your wedding dinner tables. Beautiful.
Traditional Home
One thing I've gathered from collating these photos is that topiary looks wonderful against a neutral backdrop - just like any green plant would. But the uniqueness of it's shape helps to give the character that a room lacking texture needs. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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