Tuesday, 10 April 2012

beautiful interiors

I've been a little uninspired lately - could be due to things happening at home. Our son was hospitalised for a few days due to an ongoing fever. But all is fine now. We were rather worried it was dengue, but thank goodness it was not.

So I thought I would roam the world wide web to look for beautiful interiors to update here on this blog. Today's post will be photos from Kelly Harmon Interiors & Design.

Her work is simply gorgeous - see for yourself.

I love how everything is so simple and somewhat 'unfinished'. Like it was unintentionally beautiful.

I love that dramatic bed. Again simple and beautiful - plaster walls, a frameless door, unfinished wood floor, the patina on the plaster frame of the french door, and a touch of elegance of the chaise lounge.

More beamed and vaulted ceilings. I adore the built-in bookcase with the blue walls. An elegant contrast to the other neutral hues of the room.

A touch of detail in the glass chandelier in this bathroom and everything else is left simple and basic. I love the limestone bath and the distressed window.

White and blues used in this clean and uncluttered children's room.

Kelly mentions that her colour palette is 'no-colour' - being inspired from natural sunlight and the outdoors. I love that concept.

The grey stripe matches the grey shutters of the window. I'm in love with all the patina.

A beautiful light and airy guest room.

For more photos, visit Kelly Harmon Designs .

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

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