Monday, 9 April 2012

things i love in 1 photo...

The other day I wrote about backsplash tiles and how I've been contemplating on mosaic tiles over 4x4 inch tiles (as they are cheaper).

Then I saw this photo.

I am in love. The white tiles, the white and creamware, the open shelves, the thin wood countertops, the white cabinetry, the white washed ceilings. Casual, simple and elegant.

I'll be showing my contractor this photo, for sure.


  1. Is it practical to have open shelves in Malaysia?

    1. Hi Nisa, personally, I would say no as I don't really have much time to clean my house. But it's a matter of whether you can maintain the open shelves looking good and to keep it clean from dust. I'm not sure whether Malaysia is any more dusty than other countries, though. As much as I think they're beautiful in photos, I will still be going for closed shelves. :-)

    2. I see. Because open bookcase looks great, but I don't think I have the time to clean up every day. So I need to find another option for that.

    3. I love open book cases too! The ones at our house doesn't get too dusty, though.


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