Friday, 13 April 2012


Don't you just love white? It's always been a hit among interior designers and decorators.

The Dormy House
There are so many shades of white out there, its amazing.

What's your favourite white?

Mine would be ivory.

Here are some photos of white interiors I love.

from The Paper Mulberry
White looks great when paired with black accents. The sisal rug and wood table bring in texture into this room.
Suzanne Kasler's office/studio. Isn't it pretty?

From micasa es su casa
A modern bathroom in white. Love the clean lines.

From Greenwich
A clean and simple kitchen in white.

Garden and Gun
White works well in this room - with all the textures and shades of white, it is gorgeous.

Source unknown
I've always loved white bookshelves with a great trim.

From here
A white studio. Love it.

Elle Decor
And of course, who can resist a white, modern kitchen?

I can't.


  1. The bookshelves! i want it i want it i want it! I love how it makes the small space precious.

    1. love it too... love bookshelves as a decorating element as it is practical, too.

  2. I love every single one of those images, Amnah!! Brilliant selections. Loi


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